This article solely focuses on our solutions for occupancy.

Help! There is no free space in my office!

Sounds familiar? It probably does. Remember the countless times when you were searching for a free meeting room in your office, but everything was either taken or reserved? And then, the worst happens. Room reserved, meeting is supposed to start, but no one showed up. Things like this are not only frustrating for other colleagues, but affect the performance of your organization too. Thankfully, innovations in technology can help you prevent these events from happening, and you’ll finally be able to leave the unnecessary no-showing behavior of your employees behind.

Why is this so important?

It doesn’t only affect a couple individuals when people aren’t showing up for meetings, it affects the whole production flow of the company. Wasting bookings on meeting rooms automatically leads to loss of productivity and effort. Not showing up to meetings results in no discussions. No discussion leads to inaction. Doesn’t sound that well, does it? Additionally, on average 37% of meetings start later than intended, usually because of missing employees. One more reason to think about solutions.

Your other employees also don’t like having empty or overbooked meeting rooms. They might need it in case of quick discussions, ad hoc collaboration, or other reasons. Having the frustration of not finding a room or having to do a meeting in the corridor is as frustrating as if the office coffee machines wouldn’t work. Research shows that employees waste up to 30 minutes a day searching for places to meet in. Keeping track of the availability of your offices is crucial in order for your employees’ productivity, efficiency, and morale. Keep in mind, that your employees can work almost anywhere, but the same cannot be said for meetings. Thus, it is crucial that your colleagues have spaces where they discuss problems, enabling more efficient flow of information in your office.

The Solution

So how do you get rid of no-shows and overbookings? For starters, it is key that you are able to track unwanted behavior in order to identify which meetings do not take place. Tracking behavior allows you to get a grip on actions happening in your office, and provide solutions for future issues. With the gathered data available, you can also predict and prevent unwanted behavior before it even has a chance of taking place.

In other words, there is hope to end no-shows and overbookings once and for all. With the help of innovative technologies, such as Octo’s motion detecting sensors, you can track the no-showing behavior of your employees and make decisions based on collected data. Sounds simple? Well, we assure you that it is. Innovative tech allows you to make insightful decisions in the present and efficient predictions for the future. Eliminate no-shows and overbookings by constantly tracking activity in your offices, see the time periods when are rooms the busiest, and use the gathered data for your future decision processes.

Taking control over no-shows allows your company to be more productive and also reduce costs at the same time. Reducing waiting times, allowing employees to take control of rooms when they need them is crucial in order for your company to develop and perform better. For these reasons, we recommend that you take these factors into consideration when you think about innovation at your workplace.