Turning your building smart with sensor and human data

HeadsUpp gives you control of your building, let it be a small office or an entire corporate complex. We offer a wide variety of comfort and movement measuring sensors of the highest quality that combine into a highly customisable building management platform designed around your needs. We also offer a free app that you can use together with your team to log the days you are planning to go to your office.

Free HeadsUpp app

The HeadsUpp app helps you to stay organised as a team when going back to the office. Simply check how busy each day is, log your preferred times, tap save and you're done!

Sensor solutions

From comfort to occupancy, our range of sensors are capable to solve common problems that you encounter in your buildings on a daily basis. Combined with our platform, we ensure that you get actionable real-time data that you can use to make insightful facility management decisions.

Management platform

As the centrepiece of our solutions, the facility management platform collects all the various kinds of data in one spot, making it accessible from any computer or smartphone. Say goodbye to logging your data manually, and let our smart system work for you.

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